The not tuned, out of tune, or even boorish, that‘s the meaning of DESAFINADO in the English tongue. DESAFINADOS, the not tuned ones, what on earth makes a band give itself such a flattering name?

- Desafinado, however, is also the title of a legendary song by the likewise legendary Brasilian composer A.C.(Tom) Jobim, one of the fathers of Bossa Nova. Of course, this title is a MUST for the Desafinados and therefore synonym for the main standing leg - Bossa Nova - Musica Latina - Latin Jazz - of the Desafinados. You may guess it. What is more the Desafinados have got other standing legs and sundry playing legs to remain in the symbolic language. The Duo plays also Klezmer songs and ethnic music from different European regions especially Italy, Portugal, the Balcan and Armenia in their owns jazzy way. Arrangements of Jazz standards, own compositions, and lyrics being set to music round off the joy in the musical experiment. Even if the liking for variety was rated as musical boorishness by purists, the band should stick to this feature by all means being glad at the fact that even on that score it pays its name every respect.

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